OKEx Moves Millions from Wallets, Denies Hack Rumors

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OKEx, one of the leading exchanges mopping up the incredible demand for crypto trades in Asia, sees significant movement of funds from its wallets. Such a move could be a technicality, the need to send coins to another address. But the events sparked speculations of a possible hack.https://twitter.com/DraconianRang/status/1169170258617352197But other sources pointed to a scheduled maintenance for the exchange:https://twitter.com/JayHao8/status/1169169982820769792OKEx is one of the largest exchanges, competing with Binance for volumes. The exchange carried close to $1 billion in trades as of September 4, on 449 trading pairs. Still, the BTC/USDT pair is one of the busiest, causing 44% of the activity on the exchange. OKEx is also one of the most active carriers of Tether (USDT), with high importance for BTC price discovery.OKEx also showed the highest returns on its token sales, or IEOs, further attracting attention to itself. As one of the leaders in the crypto space, OKEx is also…

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