Noah Coin (NOAH) Completes Spectacular Pump

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Noah Coin (NOAH) was the one-day wonder of the current altcoin rally. Just as BTC sank toward $9,100, and altcoins started to correct, NOAH stopped its spectacular climb and started the inevitable crash.NOAH rose out of nowhere and landed among the top 50 goins, with a four-digit percentage gains. It is rare to see a coin perform with 150-fold growth in a single day, but NOAH did just that.But then suddenly, NOAH started losing its position. The coin climbed clear from $0.0004 to $0.0003, and is now on the decline. The spectacular pump, however, happened on a ridiculously low volume of $148,874. Just before the pump, volumes for this coin were just a few hundred dollarsNOAH is one of the examples of altcoins that were once active, but lost support and their volumes disappeared. NOAH saw almost no activity after the WazirX exchange delisted it at the beginning of September.Now,…

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