New CCID Ranking Again Puts EOS on Top

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The latest edition of the CCID ranking of blockchains by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology once again puts EOS at the top. Ethereum (ETH) remains second, and TRON (TRX) completes the top 3, sinking down by one position. The ranking, one of the few charts estimating the value and innovation of blockchains, offers a glimpse into how China sees some of the leading projects. fifteenth edition of the index, however, clashes with a recent reassessment of Weiss Crypto Ratings. The ratings agency recently downgraded EOS from B to C-, after discovering significant centralization among block producers.The CCID ranking, for now, does not deal with the nature of networks and potential centralization. TRON carries similar features to EOS, and according to critics is also relatively centralized.TRON Super Representatives and delegates can, in theory, have enough voting power to keep reelecting each other. In the case of EOS, large-scale…

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