Monero (XMR) Rises on New Listing Chances

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Monero (XMR) rose again to triple-digit prices, on news of potential additional exchange listings. XMR has raised doubts in the past, leading to a series of delistings from Japanese exchanges. In general, depositing XMR on an exchange requires at least some de-anonymization, or else the trader may not see the coins reflected on the exchange balance. But upon withdrawal, XMR can obscure the source and movements of coins.Now, Riccardo Spagni has opened up about Monero’s strategy to get more representation on widely used markets. XMR will come with a package explaining the coin’s usage and the possibilities to achieve the transparency required by regulators: responded to the news, trading at $103.88 as of 9:30 UTC on Monday, with a 6% net gain over the past 24 hours. XMR peaked at $107.18 late on Sunday. The asset hovered under $100 in the past week, shaken down by a mass sell-off. Now,…

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