Malta May Become Challenging to Crypto Exchanges

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Crypto exchanges may leave Malta, based on the latest predictions. The island country, compliant with EU law, is offering favorable regulations, and hosts some of the largest crypto market operators.But expectations arose of a stricter policy toward exchanges, with the potential that some firms will leave for another country of registration. Most recently, Bittrex switched from Malta to Liechtenstein, in a reinvention of its global exchange business. now, 21 leading exchanges are based on the island country of Malta, waiting to complete their licensing requirements. Among them are the leading exchanges Binance and OKEx. Binance’s CEO, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, mare a show of pronouncing Malta a ground for crypto innovation.But recent reports of government corruption and the murder of a journalist raised doubts about the qualities of Malta. Still, some dismissed the news as FUD, and not a potentially serious blow to the crypto sector.The island nation is preparing for…

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