Litecoin (LTC) Turns Eight Today

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Litecoin (LTC) turns eight today, and is just about two years younger than Bitcoin (BTC). Despite some severe price drops, the asset remains at the top, with robust liquidity. The Litecoin Foundation and Charlie Lee celebrated, dismissing talk of insolvency: currently trades at $56.98, relatively stable in the past months, though it has dropped to position six based on its market capitalization. LTC fell from above $140 in June, as the much-awaited halving event actually only caused preliminary hype. LTC also slid from 0.01 BTC down to $0.006 BTC.But LTC trading volumes also continuously picked up since the lows at the start of 2019. The coin now sees volumes above $2.7 billion in 24 hours. Of those volumes, more than 48% belont go Tether (USDT), with cross-pairings in BTC and Ethereum (ETH).More than 116 million USDT flow into LTC directly each day, based on Coinlib data. Another $196 million’s equivalent…

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