IOTW Developer Forges Strategic Partnership with Spanish Set-Top Box Manufacturer

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Hong Kong-based AnApp Blockchain Technologies Limited has partnered with Spanish set-top box manufacturer ENGEL SYSTEMS SL, signing a deal that will see the two companies cooperate in deploying 800,000 IOTW-enabled devices produced by ENGEL in Europe by 2020.ENGEL is among Europe’s most innovative set-top box manufacturers. The company has a strong R&D department and a team of experts with extensive experience in the manufacturing and marketing of high-tech products, including coaxial, telephone, audio, receivers, cables, headphones, and TV stands. ENGEL installs the IOTW blockchain into its products, promoting the mass adoption and development of the technology.IOTW was launched by Hong Kong-based company AnApp Blockchain with the primary goal of creating a fast blockchain-based IoT (Internet of Things) data platform. This solution will make it possible to unify and analyze Big Data gathered from different IoT devices and applications. The technology developed by the company is based on a proprietary blockchain…

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