How Shopin is Changing Big Data in Online Retail – through Blockchain

Big Data has proven to be a valuable tool for online retailers – but as it enters mainstream news, customers are becoming warier of the information they share online. Practices that were once common have now been abolished due to changes in the markets or government regulations. Blockchain startup Shopin recognizes the unique potential that the shift in public opinion provides to revolutionize the digital retailer market. Shopin is a Brooklyn-based startup that returns ownership of purchase history back to the customers through a “Universal Shopping Profile”, stored on the blockchain. Shoppers have full control over their data and what aspects they share with retailers – in return, they are rewarded for sharing personal data with Shopin crypto tokens. QRYPTOS partnership and mini ICO On August 8, Shopin announced an initial token exchange with QRYPTOS, Quoine’s global trading platform. The offer, which is now live, will continue until August 28.…

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