Havven Project to Unroll Fixed-Price Token on EOSIO Platform by End-2018

The Havven project, which recently launched the Nomin USD (NUSD) stablecoin, will also recreate its decentralized, dollar-pegged asset on the EOSIO decentralized operating system. NUSD is seen as an alternative to Tether (USDT), as well as similar coins seen as overly centralized. https://twitter.com/Veridium2/status/1026361690043154432 “EOSIO has the scalability, transaction volume and growing DAPP ecosystem that fits with our vision, and we are thrilled to be joining the platform,” Havven’s founder Kain Warwick was quoted as saying at a press release on the outcome of a recent EOS hackathon in Sydney. At the hackathon, Havven announced it intends to launch NUSD on the EOSIO blockchain and airdrop the token to EOSIO holders. The airdrop would decentralize the ownership of NUSD. The ERC-20 Ethereum-based version of NUSD was airdropped to owners of HAV tokens in July. HAV is the native token of the Havven project. https://twitter.com/AliciaXyrakis/status/1026019416805236736 The airdrop distribution suggests that the NUSD…

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