Fed Announces Third Rate Cut for 2019, Bitcoin (BTC) Still Uncertain

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The US Federal Reserve once again cut interest rates by a quarter percentage points, the third intervention for 2019. Thus, the basis interest rate has been lowered to a target of 1.5-1.75%. The Fed has also signalled the decision may be the last one in this series of quantitative easing.The Fed lowered the interest rate after a series of overnight and short-term liquidity injections. The lowered interest rate has the aim of releasing more liquidity into the economy, as well as make the US dollar more competitive.As for Bitcoin (BTC), its most dramatic ascent happened in a climate of rock-bottom interest rates. However, in 2019, the price of BTC is not as dependent on US-based traders. Chinese investors and traders boost the price, which is dependent on the supply of Tether (USDT), much more than the supply of actual US dollars.BTC traded at $9,133.69, as trading volumes started to deflate…

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