EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Matthew Spoke, Founder & CEO of AION Network

AION is a multi-layer blockchain network that was designed to solve the primary challenges faced by 1st generation blockchains. This includes scalability, privacy, and interoperability. The AION Network has the ability to bridge different blockchains, both private and public. Matthew Spoke, the founder and CEO of AION, has a very impressive background and is a very strong leader with the ability to guide this project to success. Interoperability is a key issue for mass adoption and it’s great to see that Matthew has been working on a solution. With his vast experience from consulting at Deloitte, to being a Fintech advisor for the Ontario Securities Commission, as well as being a current board member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. CV: I'm here with Matthew Spoke, CEO and founder of AION at EDCON 2018. Why don't you tell me about what AION is planning to accomplish for the rest of 2018.…

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