European Union Suggests Eurocoin, Mulls Banning Scam Assets

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European bureaucrats may be warming up to crypto after all. The European Union has presented some of the most lenient regulations, and has in fact created a robust system of exchanges and brokerages.Now, the European Central Bank has signalled it may generate an official digital coin. The news, reported by Reuters, comes after years of skepticism on the side of the ECB. The central bank actually tested distributed networks and concluded that the technology was too slow for the contemporary transactional load.The stance on digital assets is still in draft form, and comes from the Finnish EU presidency, subject to amends.The ECB so far has been skeptical that Bitcoin (BTC) is money, though it is still considered a legal means of payment in Germany. It is not legal tender, though, and only an elective payment channel. The ECB has also been skeptical of Facebook’s Libra, and multiple countries have expressed…

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