Electroneum (ETN) Returns to ASIC Mining, iOS App in Beta Testing

Electroneum (ETN), a cryptocurrency payment project that targets smartphone users in the developing world, has made a peculiar U-turn in its tech policy, deciding to allow ASIC mining again. Many Electroneum supporters were taken aback by the move, announced at the end of last week, as a few weeks ago, the team performed updates through a hard fork to disable mining by expensive ASIC equipment in favor of household mining with relatively cheaper GPUs (graphic processing units). https://twitter.com/electroneum/status/1014853567633674240 The trouble is that the Electroneum network had a very slow difficulty adjustment algorithm, and users had to wait for days until blocks could be produced based on the work of PCs and GPU miners. In the past, the Electroneum network greeted ASIC with optimism, stating the machines were also behind the growth of Bitcoin. Currently, many coins see the potential for mining farms as a claim on having a robust future,…

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