Electroneum (ETN) Finally Sees Price Move, But Is the Project Going Anywhere?

Electroneum (ETN), the much-hyped crypto coin allowing mobile mining, has finally seen some price movement. ETN is up a net 33% in the past week, to $0.033, after adding 20% overnight. But the spike in prices seems shaky, and ETN is still a very thinly traded coin. One of the reasons for the positive price movements for ETN is a partnership with Megaxstore, using ETN as a means of payment: https://twitter.com/electroneum/status/991951459368435714 The biggest problem for ETN is the very subdued trading on Cryptopia and Kucoin. Additionally, ETN prices remain depressed due to almost constant troubles with deposits and withdrawals. On paper, ETN should be the perfect digital asset, already attracting tens of thousands of mobile phone simulated miners. However, the anonymous nature of the coin has created additional risks. Sending ETN into an exchange often means users lose their coins, by failing to point to their transaction, which becomes obfuscated…

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