EIDOS Severely Hampered EOS Network

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The EIDOS mining process continues on the EOS network, skewing the way in which the distributed operating system is used. The EOS network, which boasted more than 1.6 million accounts, was also among the most active in distributed app activity.However, the picture changed since the start of November. The EIDOS mining process also dispersed the bots that turned out to be the source of dApp activity on EOS.https://twitter.com/mishalederman/status/1199113444680773632The EIDOS team, formerly related to Enumivo, has kept claiming the token is not an attack, but an alternative use case for EOS, aiming at a new equilibrium. But teams that wanted to use the EOS platform for smart contracts and dApps, investing resources, are worried about the effect of EIDOS.https://twitter.com/EOS_Israel/status/1199114238889013249The mining of EIDOS is putting a varying strain on resources, but mostly uses up processing power on EOS. Currently, EIDOS uses up the REX computational resource, and raises prices. But the Enumivo…

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