Docademic (MTC): Diamod Among Trash, Or Overpromoted?

The latest downturn of the markets created a lot of bagholders, holding onto depreciating crypto assets. But there are also short-term winners, like the Docademic (MTC) ICO, which started trading in May, and since then achieved between 20 and 40-fold gains, both in dollar terms and against Bitcoin. One of the reasons for the continued strength of an asset that started at less than $0.02 was a promotion from John McAfee, mentioning the asset several times and increasing interest. The MTC market price is surprisingly amenable to manipulation, given that daily volumes are still around 300 BTC. Most of MTC trading is against Bitcoin - but there is a 13% share of Tether (USDT) trading, significant for a brand-new token. This would allow traders to quickly move into MTC markets, given the extra liquidity. With 2.5 billion USDT tokens, the crypto market sees additional opportunities for gains and exchanges.…

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