DMarket and Unity Lead Blockchain Revolution in Gaming

DMarket, the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace for trading in-game items, has announced the launch of its ready-to-use software development kit (SDK) in the Unity Technologies Asset Store. This offers game developers an additional revenue stream, while players get a chance to monetize their gaming time. The annual turnover of in-game items is estimated at several billion up to 50 billion dollars, according to different evaluations. Despite these impressive figures, the market is still limited to a few separate game worlds and is badly affected by fraud. DMarket leverages blockchain technology to get rid of restrictions that prevent the virtual goods market from reaching its true potential. Connecting different games to a single blockchain-based ecosystem, DMarket is enabling cross-game and cross-platform trading while eliminating fraud risk factors. The launch of the SDK in collaboration with Unity Technologies is a big step forward for DMarket and the whole gaming industry. The ready-to-use…

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