CV Market Watch™: Weekly Crypto Trading Overview (October 4-11, 2019)

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Bitcoin (BTC) started increasing its volatility, touching weekly highs above $8,700 early on Friday. With the poor performance of September behind, expectations of regaining $10,000 were renewed.Bitcoin (BTC) peaked above $8,714, before retreating to $8,411.41. The coin saw its volumes pick up to above $20 million in 24 hours. The Bitcoin fear and greed index hovers around 40 points, escaping extreme fear.The share of Tether (USDT) expanded to above 70% during the recent price spike, once again showing its significance to BTC price discovery. The BTC market cap dominance sank a bit to 66.9% as several altcoins held their ground.Ethereum (ETH) is becoming more important within the crypto ecosystem, inviting more than $500 million as collateral in various DeFi schemes. ETH traded at $188.41 ahead of the weekend, with robust volumes and inflows of USDT liquidity. The Ethereum network is now on track for a November upgrade to move gradually…

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