CV Market Watch™: Weekly Crypto Trading Overview (August 2-9, 2019)

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Bitcoin (BTC) decisively broke away from the $9,500 level, avoiding drops to a lower range. The leading coin broke above $12,000 in one dramatic move mid-week, but later erased the gains and settled above $11,500.Bitcoin (BTC) traded around $11,725.77, up more than 11% this past week. The leading coin saw slightly increased trading volumes near or above $20 billion’s equivalent.The share of Tether (USDT) expanded slightly to 69% of all trades. USDT remains an active force in BTC activity, though currently more coins are moving on the Ethereum network. BTC also gets a boost from peak mining levels ahead of the halving in 2020.Ethereum (ETH) started to slide this week, as altcoins weakened overall. ETH traded at $210.27, sliding by 4.9% this week. The slide on Friday alone erased around 6% in 24 hours.XRP (XRP) returned to the $0.29 range, wiping out around 6% this week, as altcoins continued weakening.Litecoin…

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