Cryptojacking Doubles Number of Infected Routers – Report

A new cryptojacking software that targets routers has doubled its presence since the discovery of the virus in August this year, security researcher VriesHD told US media TNW on Wednesday. The unauthorized software hacks mainly MikroTik devices. According to a conducted analysis by VriesHD, 415,000 routers had been hacked with the aim to “create” virtual coins through December 2. However, the real number is around 350,000-400,000 as the data reflects the number of IP address, the researcher explained. CoinHive, a software that mines Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency still dominates the cryptojacking router attacks, but new viruses have also begun to emerge. “CoinHive, Omine, and CoinImp are the biggest services used,” VriesHD told TNW. “It used to be like 80-90 percent CoinHive, but a big actor has shifted to using Omine in recent months.” Initially, the new MikroTik-orientated cryptojacking virus was mainly concentrated in Brazil, but a VriesHD map shows that it…

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