Crypto Exchanges Hit by AWS Outage in Tokyo

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Leading exchanges saw problems and outages related to the Amazon Web Services, leading to withdrawal problems, 404 messages and even anomalous orders getting filled. Binance was one of the markets getting hit with the outage, as part of its services relied on AWS. recent outage is yet another example on how much the crypto sector is dependent on cloud services. Beyond exchanges, some nodes and storage facilities use AWS or other cloud-based services to offer a faster, global experience.The KuCoin exchange was also affected, warning about limitations to some of its services:Dovey Wan, co-founder of Primitive Ventures, also noted that the AWS outage led to trading anomalies on Asian exchanges. The order books were mistakenly allowing very cheap BTC purchases: sometimes rogue trades are rolled back, it is possible that the traders managed to withdraw before limitations were set. Beyond Binance and KuCoin, Tokyo-based exchanges have not reported issues so…

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