Crypto Companies Barred from Bank Domain Names?

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Cryptocurrency companies may not be able to boost their credibility with specialized domains for bankers and insurers. The fLTD, LLC domain service company has opened a discussion period until August 24 to prepare for a ban on purchasing and operating .bank and .insurance domains. However, since the launch of the discussion period, no public comments have been added by the stakeholders of the .bank and .insurance domain communities. Cryptocurrency companies - exchanges, or other operators, have a strained relationship with banks. On the one hand, a banking service is essential to adding liquidity. On the other hand, only a limited number of large and well-established crypto companies have applied for a money manager license, and almost none for a banking license. Among those with access to banks, the Litecoin community has the most significant access to mainstream finance, through partial ownership of the WEG Bank in Germany. But currently, any…

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