Coinbase Explores the Potential for Eight More Coins and Tokens

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Coinbase announced a significant expansion of its asset portfolio, as it explores eight new digital assets. Among the new selection, the most notable asset is Algorand (ALGO), a coin which appeared out of nowhere and took exchanges by a storm. The new wave of listings follows the addition of Tezos (XTZ) to Coinbase Pro. of the assets have notable features and have lined up among the hottest coins and tokens in the past two years, making use of the unprecedented bull market. Both ALGO and Cosmos (ATOM) achieved the goal of being listed on Binance quite soon after their launch, only based on the merits of the projects. However, the exploratory period does not guarantee that any of the assets would be offered soon. The selection also includes Dash (DASH), one of the relatively older coins with adequate liquidity. DASH has received negative feedback in the past, but has not…

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