Blockchain Goes Mainstream? Samsung Confirms Digital Wallet Integration for Galaxy S10

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Samsung recently unveiled its latest smartphone release, the Galaxy S10. Fans of consumer tech are taken with the in-screen fingerprint sensor and high screen-to-body ratio. However, it’s another feature of the S10 which has the cryptocurrency community buzzing. The Galaxy S10 phone is blockchain-enabling and supports 4 currencies. Blockchain Features of the S10 The Galaxy S10 features an integrated digital wallet from Enjin. The Enjin wallet is a secure mobile wallet allowing instant swaps and exchanges between tokens. At the time of writing, demo videos are circulating, showing the Samsung Enjin Wallet in action and apparently confirming the functionality is already available in the Korean version of the S10. Alongside the instant exchange functionality, the wallet features payments to merchants and digital signatures, and the Enjin wallet could be used to send and receive in-game assets tokens. At the news of the announcement, the value of Enjincoin skyrocketed seven times…

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