Bitfinex Claims to be Fraud Victim in CryptoCapital Indictment

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Bitfinex, the beleaguered exchange, denied to be actively aware and supportive of CryptoCapital’s shadow banking activity. In a statement issued last Friday, the exchange denies knowledge and support of activities that allegedly used shadow banking and the exchange’s activity to launder funds.Bitfinex, which until recently operated only with large-scale deposits above $10,000, has lost access to at least $850 million and possibly as much as $880 million, due to the investigation against CryptoCapital.The service, which offered banking for crypto exchanges, including the troubled QuadrigaCX exchange, is undergoing an international investigation for money laundering. Recently, Polish authorities arrested Ivan Manuel Molina Lee. Earlier, the principal of Crypto Capital, Oz Yosef, faced an indictment on fraud and money laundering during a hearing with the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of New York.What is even more curious, just as events were turning negative for Bitfinex, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) went…

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