BitDegree (BDG) Platform Grows, Token Still Struggles

BitDegree (BDG) is one of those projects where a solid project does not translate into good token performance - and in fact, shows a very low need for the token itself. The BDG token has been disappointing the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) investors for months, losing more than 98% of its value. Finally, the project team itself revealed that token-only payments hampered its business, and the site has started accepting fiat, while scrambling for a way to integrate the BDG digital asset into its product. The BitDegree project has taken up special efforts to promote the usage of its token for the purchase of online courses. At first site, BTG is a rather active platform similar to Udemy, or other niche course sites. However, the project has taken up efforts to promote the usage of its token. At the moment, the prices for courses are quoted in US dollars. One…

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