Bitcoin SV (BSV) Still Rallies Out of Nowhere Despite Bitcoin (BTC) Slide

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Bitcoin SV (BSV) strangely rallied on Friday, recovering the $109 levels, despite the Bitcoin (BTC) crash. The reason for the recent rallies are unclear, although it may be a concerted effort on part of the community.The Bitcoin SV community has also seen the promise of Dr. Craig Wright to destroy BTC at the end of 2020, by finding a way to dump enough coins. But BSV is still quite far from “flippening” BTC. The move also vaguely recalls the attempt of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters to boost the market price. But even the rage-quit of Roger Ver failed to crash the BTC market price.BSV jumped to $116.82, on a rising trend this Friday, adding more than 16% in the past day. The rest of the market remained stagnant, and BTC traded at 7,504.09.Curiously, the BSV rally happened around Dr. Wright’s birthday, having several successful days. Dr. Wright went on to…

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