Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Rallies, Boosted by Bitcoin (BTC)

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was a long-sleeping altcoin displaying stagnant prices before Tuesday’s rally took the valuations to a new price range. BCH exploded both in dollar price and against Bitcoin (BTC), becoming one of the altcoins where BTC funds flowed in. BCH traded at $251.98 as of 6:30 UTC on Wednesday, on trading volumes of $2.4 billion in the past day. The coin also rallied to 0.05 BTC, still far from the peak levels around 0.15 BTC and above, set during previous rallies. The asset is yet to recover the $400 range, lost since the November 15 hard fork. BCH is one of the coins that charts significant inflows from BTC, Tether (USDT), as well as fiat in US dollars, to the tune of $205.7 million in 24 hours, as shown by Coinlib data. The bulk of BCH activity is happening on the LBank exchange, as well as FCoin and…

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