Bitcoin (BTC) Touches $10,000 Briefly, Settles at $9,500

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Bitcoin (BTC) had a dynamic weekend, where it broke out of the depressed bounds. BTC reached a peak appreciation of 42% within a day, which is the fourth largest daily percentage gain in history. At the current prices, such a move is significant and recalls the coin’s behavior during the bull market in 2017, when $1000 days were regular.What is curious is that the recent rally arrived just days after a deep flash-crash to as low as $7,400.BTC also had a secondary rally late on Sunday, when the price trekked from the $9,100 range, to above $9,600 again. Now, BTC steadied around $9,503.12, on highly active volumes above $36 billion’s equivalent in the past 24 hours. BTC has increased its volatility lately, and while the fear and greed index is at 52 points, a “neutral” position, there are signs of FOMO buying.The other factor that boosted BTC was increased Tether…

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