Bitcoin (BTC) Returns to Volatility in October

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Bitcoin (BTC) is slightly more volatile in October, as the price performed a series of crashes and spikes. On Friday, BTC once again climbed to as high as $8,600, only to slide again toward 8,400.The BTC volatility index picked up from its three-month lows, gaining from 2% to nearly 3%, as BTC once again showed capable of swinging by hundreds of dollars within minutes.BTC briefly spiked to a peak at $8,714.95 as of 5:00 UTC on Friday, before erasing the gains over the next few hours. But the climb re-sparked hopes of further appreciation, with the possibility of reclaiming the $10,000 tier.The fear and greed index hovers around 40 points overall in the past month, though with brief drops toward 29 points on days of rapid selling. The growing volatility also coincides with trading volumes picking up.BTC activity increased, from habitual levels around $14 billion per day, and lows around…

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