Bitcoin (BTC) Price Strikes Gold Above $5,000; Raises LTC and BCH Majorly

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The crypto market is going through a rapid revival at the start of the second quarter. Bitcoin (BTC) rallied above $5,000 late on Wednesday, taking along for the ride a handful of more prominent altcoins. BTC traded at $5,054.66 as of 6:45 UTC on Thursday. The asset reached a peak late on Wednesday at above $5,307, as trading volumes picked up to above $22 billion in 24 hours, touching peaks not seen since December 2017, when the asset traded near its peak prices just below $20,000. The entire crypto market also saw record trading activity, as months of accumulation culminated in the current price spikes. While the assets retreated on Thursday, many see the potential for further gains. Some of the strong gainers included Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), both assets that hovered near low levels for a relatively long time, expecting a breakout. The common thread between the…

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