Bitcoin (BTC) Network Posts Another Hashrate Record

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Bitcoin (BTC) has become increasingly attractive for miners in the first half of 2019, and the trend kept in July. The network posted yet another record, reaching 74 EH/s, up from a peak a few days back at 72 EH/s.As BTC prices once again settled above $10,600, there is enough stability to ensure that even the most current mining rigs are a good annual investment. The mix of constantly growing BTC prices and higher activity by Chinese miners has led to the new record.Back in 2017, when the rising trend for BTC was just beginning, the hashrate was around 12 times lower, at just 6 EH/s. The Bitcoin network remains the most powerful and backed by the most ASIC machines, thus making it difficult to attack.Mining difficulty is also rising as more machines compete to solve a block. In the past six months, the difficulty has nearly doubled. At the…

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