Bitcoin (BTC) Crosses $12,000, Hashrate Breaks Record

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Bitcoin (BTC) is looking prepared to rally again, as prices broke above the $12,000 mark, just days after pessimistic predictions failed to materialize. BTC broke its ceiling a day ago, bouncing off the recent $9,500 lows, revving up by hundreds of dollars in a day. In only a week, BTC traveled to above $12,000, once again preserving its reputation for being capable of a fast recovery. After a strong weekend in which BTC prices made the trek to the $11,000 tier, the new week did not come with a sell-off. On Tuesday, as of 10:00 UTC, BTC started another climb that extended to $12,233.90. The rally ended in a flash crash that returned the leading coin to the $11,900 range. trading volumes also revived to above $23 billion’s equivalent in 24 hours. This time, the share of Tether (USDT) in the rising trend is relatively low at 63%, while the…

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