Binance Lists Blockstack SEC-Registered Token

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In an industry first, Binance has listed the fully registered token by Blockstack. The STX token is one of the few ICO assets that went through a registration process similar to that of stocks., there is a catch. Despite the fact that Blockstack tokens are registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, they cannot be freely traded by US persons. The limitation is similar to limiting stock sales to another set of special rules.The Stacks (STX) tokens will be available on Binance’s international exchange, as well as the Hashkey Pro institutional exchange. US persons that own the tokens can, in theory, either sell them to another person, or use them as utility tokens within the Blockstack key-based identity ecosystem.Trading for STX will open on Binance this October 25, in three initial pairs, STX/BNB, STX/BTC and STX/USDT.The STX tokens have been sold since 2017, with other tranches in 2019. All…

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