Binance Exchange Investigates KYC Data Leak Allegations

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The Binance exchange tried to calm traders this Wednesday after fears surfaced of another data leak. In the past, hackers have reported passport data leaks from various exchanges, although Binance denied it was affected. Now, the exchange once again called for not spreading fear and pronounced the leak a fabrication, while investigating the matter. The hacker is indeed distributing a file containing KYC selfies, but Binance claims the leaks are not from their system, and that there are discrepancies between the leaked data and their database. Still, the leaked pictures “bore resemblance” to the contents of the Binance KYC files. The hacker demanded a ransom of 300 Bitcoin (BTC), and started to distribute the data when Binance refused to pay. Moreover, Binance offered a bounty of 25 BTC to anyone who could point to the identity of the hacker. Exchange leaks are not uncommon, as market operators were pressured to…

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