Bakkt Sets December 9 to Launch Options

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The Bakkt exchange set a date for the launch of a new derivative product, options on Bitcoin (BTC) futures. The derivative is aiming to better offset BTC price fluctuations.The Bakkt Bitcoin Options Contract will be based on monthly futures contracts.The new contract arrives as the Bakkt futures market is growing to record levels, and is based on consumer demand for the derivative. The presence of options means derivative exposure to BTC risk, hedging, and the potential for higher returns. The option is not tied to acquiring actual BTC, unlike the futures which deliver actual BTC upon expiration.As of October 25, the Bakkt exchange traded 39 BTC, based on data from the tracking bot. effect of Bakkt trading is yet to be estimated. The volumes on the exchange are tiny in comparison to crypto-to-crypto markets. The Binance futures market is much more active as well. But the Bakkt exchange attracts scrutiny…

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