After US-Iran Tensions Bitcoin Price Benefits from BSV Surge

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Bitcoin has had an eventful start to 2020 after a lackluster holiday season in December. Firstly it was the US-Iran conflict escalating from January 3, 2020, resulting in price appreciation for gold, as well as Bitcoin. Thet price rally took BTC from under $6,900 to over $8,450 as market participants highlighted the digital asset’s foray into the safe-haven category.After de-escalation between the two countries, Bitcoin prices also cooled off to around $7,600, but now with a curious Bitcoin SV rally lifting the entire market, Bitcoin has also gained around 6% to surpass $8,500.Bitcoin SV was founded by the controversial Craig Wright, who has long claimed to be the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. While his claims have been ridiculed in the crypto community, he recently had a positive judgment in his legal fight, giving him until February 3, 2020, to furnish the private keys which unlock the Tulip Trust, holding…

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