5 Reasons TRON (TRX) Price is Not Moving Fast Despite High Network Activity

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TRON (TRX) benefitted only slightly from the recent price rally, stalling at around $0.026 after briefly peaking at $0.029. The TRX market price so far has remained range-bound in dollar terms, hardly breaking above $0.03, despite the achievements of the network. Here are the five most probable reasons TRX is stalling: Growing Against Bitcoin (BTC) During Bear Market: While the TRX dollar-denominated price has been flat, the BTC price in fact went through a boom-and-bust cycle against BTC. TRX ranged from 350 Satoshi in December 2018 to above 700 Satoshi, only to slide back to the 500-range. The price rally of BTC did not change the dollar price by much. As TRX prices are still on the downward leg, the price is yet to go through another cycle of growth against BTC. Announcement Fatigue: The TRON network has relied on numerous pre-announcements and announcements for both major and minor milestones.…

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