White Standard Stablecoin Launches on Stellar-Based Exchange

Known for its fast transaction speeds and low friction payments, the Stellar network offers users tools for value exchange across borders. On Aug. 23, The White Company and Fintech’s Interstellar joined forces to bring users seamless foreign currency withdrawals and deposits via a new stablecoin. The White Standard Stablecoin Launches on Interstellar Under the terms of the agreement, Fintech’s Interstellar decentralized exchange (DEX) platform will integrate with The White Company’s newly developed White Standard stablecoins, according to a press release. The White Standard stablecoins will offer users seamless deposit, withdrawals and transfers from dollars, pounds and euros via three new Stellar-powered stablecoins–WSD, WSP and WSE–which are fully-backed by secure reserves of each respective fiat currency and hold a 1-to-1 parity in value. The White Standard is currently the only U.S. dollar stablecoin built on the Stellar network. In the official press release, Elizabeth White, CEO of The White Company, said:…

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