Investigating Scam Allegations Around Apollo Currency

There are percolating allegations that Apollo Currency is a “pump and dump.” Others claim that one of the project’s co-founders—Stephen McCullah—is a “scam artist,” and that APL is a “massive scam” that is making him “rich.” CryptoSlate explores these allegations and finds evidence of misinformation, claims of sabotage, and a bizarre expedition into the heart of the Congo. Apollo Currency co-founder Stephen McCullah during his purported expedition into the Republic of Congo Background on Apollo Currency Apollo Currency (APL) is an all-in-one cryptocurrency to be “the world’s fastest, most private coin.” The technology of the coin is based off a fork of the Nxt platform. Apollo boasts a breadth of features that supposedly differentiate it from other cryptocurrency projects. According to a promotional video, If the cryptocurrency is able to fulfill its road map, it would offer smart contracts, IP masking, file sharing, voting, decentralized exchanges, and “much more,” all…

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