Blockchain May Change How Real-World Tabletop Card Games are Played [Interview]

As blockchain technology hits the gaming industry, most game developers are only exploring subtle integrations. Meanwhile, a Seattle startup is making extensive use of the technology to completely reinvent how tabletop card games are played and distributed. New Gaming Paradigm CryptoSlate recently spoke with Seattle studio Cryptogogue about their unique crypto-backed trading card game and radical plan for distributing it. Having noticed that many companies are “trying to map existing paradigms to the blockchain”, Cryptogogue set out to take this concept to the next level and “gamify the blockchain” itself. The result is Volition, a hybrid concept that combines a traditional printed trading card game with all of the features of crypto-collectibles. The game’s name, Volition, means “an act of making a choice or decision; the power of choosing or determining.” “There are so many crypto projects out there that help facilitate a better physical to digital transformation,” says Ken…

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