Winklevoss Twins Believe Stablecoins, Tokenized Securities Are Future of Crypto Innovation

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, Bitcoin (BTC) bulls and founders of the cryptocurrency trading platform Gemini, have said stablecoins and tokenized securities will usher in a bright future for the digital currency space. The twins made their remarks during an interview on Fortune's crypto-focused news segment The Ledger on Jan 14.The twins’ air time comes as part of a push for coverage of their recent ad campaign, which has sparked some controversy in crypto circles over its attempt to remold crypto’s image with an emphasis on robust regulation and compliance-driven market practices.Cameron Winklevoss steered the conversation beyond regulatory matters and onto what he said Gemini considers to be an important new development for digital assets: stablecoins and tokenized securities.Noting that much of the twins’ focus and work to date has been on virtual commodities such as Bitcoin, he said that a compelling new use for crypto will be virtual security tokens…

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