Pfizer Executive: Technology Is ‘Basically Good Enough’ to Ramp Up Production Blockchains

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A Pfizer executive has challenged existing theories about slow rates of blockchain adoption — telling the Consensus conference on May 14 that the technology is “basically good enough to have more production blockchains than we have today.”Ken Nessel, senior director of business technology at the pharmaceutical giant, made his comments during the second day of the conference in New York City. He joined AstraZeneca’s Kate Gofman for an event called From Bench to Bedside: Blockchains and the Future of Clinical Research.When asked for an honest assessment about what is holding the blockchain industry back, Nessel said:“I think there’s a popular perception that the rate-limiting factor in blockchain adoption is something to do with the technology itself — like the technology isn’t scalable, it’s not fast enough, the developer tools aren’t in place…but in my experience is that’s really not the rate-limiting factor at this point. It’s not even at the…

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