Overstock’s Security Token Trading Platform to Give Investors Control Over Token-Holdings

The security token exchange subsidiary of e-commerce retail giant Overstock, tZero, has started releasing control of its tokens, according to a letter to investors released on Jan. 11.Last August, the subsidiary had announced that its security token offering would close, having raised $134 million out of the maximum amount of $250 million previously specified. In June 2018, tZero had also signed a letter of with investment company GSR Capital for the purchase of $160 million in tZero Security Tokens.According to tZero CEO Saum Noursalehi’s letter, investors now have the option of choosing where to hold their security tokens, either by creating a brokerage account with Dinosaur Financial Group, a tZero partner and broker dealer, or holding them in a person wallet with a two-step verification system. He wrote:“As you are aware, on October 12, 2018 we completed the issuance of the tZero security tokens. The tokens have been locked up…

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