Hodler’s Digest, Jan.7–13: Top Stories, Price Movements, Quotes and FUD of the Week

Top Stories This WeekAltcoin Ethereum Classic Reportedly Undergoes 51 Percent AttackEarlier this week, the Ethereum Classic (ETC) reportedly underwent a 51 percent attack. In the aftermath, crypto exchange Coinbase noted that upwards of $1.1 million in crypto was double spent during the time of the deep blockchain reorganization. Coinbase and several other cryptocurrency exchanges temporarily paused deposits and withdrawals of the altcoin to prevent loss of funds. Crypto exchange Gate.io confirmed that the attack was carried out and promised refunds, stating that around 54,200 ETC in total (worth around $271,500 at the time) was transferred during the attack. However, Gate.io also reported later that $100,000 was returned to them with no explanation, prompting rumors of participation by a white hat hacker.Coinbase, Square Cash App Reported Bans Accounts of Social Media Platform Gab FounderThis week, the social media platform Gab announced that both Coinbase and the Square Cash app had banned…

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