Firm To Map Out Manufacturing Capacity Worldwide With New Blockchain-based Ecosystem

A Blockchain-based company is launching a peer-to-peer network connecting clients with manufacturers of all sizes – preventing bottlenecks in production by mapping out manufacturing capacities around the world.Productivist says its platform is an “open, global and free alternative” to the relocations and heavy investments that many firms and individuals in the manufacturing sector are faced with if they want to grow and flourish.The company has created a smart device which connects manufacturing tools to the Blockchain – allowing progress on orders and spare capacity to be detected and monitored in real time.According to Productivist, clients would benefit because it would become less expensive to source the right manufacturing expertise.Once an assignment has been accepted, the platform would generate a shortlist of candidates based on the project’s technical requirements, the deadline, as well as a manufacturer’s availability and reputation. From here, each provider would make a bid with their most competitive…

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