Despite Bear Market, Crypto Mining Malware Tops Threat Index for 13th Month Running

Three strains of crypto mining malware have topped the latest Global Threat Index from Israeli cybersecurity firm Check Point, according to a press release published on Jan. 14.Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is a security solution provider for governments and enterprises globally, with over 100,000 organizations reported to be currently using its security management system.As reported, stealth crypto mining attacks — also known as cryptojacking — work by installing malware that uses a computer’s processing power to mine for cryptocurrencies without the owner’s consent or knowledge.According to Check Point’s Global Threat Index for December 2018, the top three most wanted malware strains were all cryptojacking-related — with Coinhive, a web browser-based Monero (XMR) mining code — sealing the top spot for the 13th consecutive month.Ranked second and third respectively, XMRig is reportedly an open-source CPU mining software for XMR mining, whereas Jsecoin is a JavaScript miner that can be embedded…

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