Crypto Custodians Foresee Growth in Partnerships with Traditional Custodians

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Alexandre Kech, CEO of Onchain Custodian, predicted that collaboration between crypto and traditional custodians will grow. Kech’s remarks came during a panel called “Custody: The New Global Competitive Landscape,” part of Consensus 2019 on May 14.Kech observed that crypto custodians are much better at adding new token support to their wallets and are willing to hold a variety of crypto assets. “We have the agility, both in terms of compliance and technology, to deploy those coins way faster.”By Kech’s reasoning, traditional custodians are often reluctant to take on new coins due to institutional barriers. They partner with crypto custodians so that they can gain access to these assets for their customers. Meanwhile, the crypto custodians benefit from these arrangements because customers who may be cautiously interested in crypto assets are more willing to invest in them if they can do so via a trusted bank or custodian.Fellow panelist Matt Jennings,…

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