Bitcoin Will See Global Need After Future Applications Emerge, Says Andreas Antonopoulos

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South Koreans will need Bitcoin (BTC) once its as-yet-unknown applications have been developed, Andreas Antonopoulos told the ongoing Deconomy conference in Seoul on April 4.Speaking at the event attended by a Cointelegraph correspondent, the celebrated Bitcoin educator and entrepreneur forecast a fundamental shift in Bitcoin’s presence on the world stage.The largest cryptocurrency will usurp the current fiat-based banking system, Antonopoulos said, but only after developing the next generation of use cases will the true global need for Bitcoin become obvious for the average consumer.“What we’re doing today is trying to simulate the existing system with fewer intermediaries and centralization, so that we can rapidly exceed and start doing applications that are absolutely impossible with the current centralized financial system,” he summarized. Antonopoulos added:“And then — and only then — Koreans will need cryptocurrency.”Antonopoulos highlighted the fact that, in contrast to the utopian visions of the future, current cryptocurrency usage remains…

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