Berkeley City Council Moves Ahead With Pilot Program For Issuing City Bonds On Blockchain

The city of Berkeley, California has moved forward with an initiative to apply blockchain technology to public financing to raise funds for community projects, Bloomberg reports May 2. Last night the Berkeley city council unanimously voted to ask the city manager to consider a pilot program that proposes selling municipal bonds using blockchain technology.The project, initiated by Vice Mayor Ben Barlett, aims to introduce another funding method to the city financial infrastructure that would ostensibly increase community investment by reducing the minimum bond price.Barlett said that the pilot venture intends to launch “micro-bonds” which would allow the issuance of bonds in denominations in the range of $10 to $25. The typical minimum denomination for a municipal bond is $5,000. According to Barlett, people can more easily afford $10 than $5,000 for a bond, which would make investing in city projects a more viable option for average citizens.Using blockchain would provide…

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